Max's Inquiry

This is Max Krieger's "inquiry" page. I guess it's like a Digital Garden. But I'm not trying to upload my Second Brain to it. Just want to share some half-baked ideas. One source of inspiration for this was Kevin Lynagh's "Collaboration ideas". See also Sharif Shameem's "Questions".

It was made with Dendron.

Take everything I write here (well, everywhere) with a grain of salt. That said I'm always happy to talk about anything on here.

The pages definitely don't adhere to Andy's Evergreen Notes pattern, I hope one day they do.

Feel free to add a PR or issue to the repo to discuss any of these in public!


Here are some of my favorite/extensive pages:

El Lissitzky, The Constructor (self-portrait, 1924)

  1. Misc
  2. Projects
  3. Rethinking Media
  4. Theory