Making a REST API using Minecraft's metaphors

Update: Someone did this for k8s!

Dark makes REST apis pretty easy. Sinatra did a fine job too.

Ok so why can't we do it using Minecraft's metaphors: paper notes as request file descriptors. Logs as books. Chests as databases. Hoppers as routes.

It’s gotta be multiplayer

It's time to build.

Minsky’s afterword of True Names talks about how virtual worlds are symbolic metaphor environments. You can work in computational spaces by building up a language of symbols that map to other familiar symbols. His most striking claim: our conscious mind is already a symbolic virtual world. Our thoughts are all material/concrete/symbolic interfaces to the more abstract neural structures we have.

Minecraft as allegorical software

Minecraft chests are a lot like a google sheet, they're hyper observable.

Discord Sheets

Discord bots too