Hands Plugin for Graphic Abstractions

A figma plugin to position a hand puppet on top of some artboard, manipulating it.

Make anything look tangible. Take a pic of some abstract structure, configure hand pose by choosing where the fingers go, then the plugin projects the hands reaching toward the plane of the pic.

Similar effect to the scale figure people in architectural drafts

(Meliacin Master)

(Dynamics: the geometry of behavior)

Scaled Reality : AUSTIN S LEE



Ikea manuals for math. Show how u touch the math. It's a pet/living machine, respect it, use it like it's supposed to (or don't lol)


Christoph Niemann Abstract Sunday

Figma - HANDZ - A 3D illustration library | 12 hands gesture with 9 color skins and 3 variations of sleeves. It is more than ...

Train neural net to handle alpha image

walk cycle

Rigging - gather contributor artists

Eran Hilleli's expertise?

Navy-light green gradient

Magic vibes

Fingers on different layers to show grasping


Is this all a perversion of space? https://twitter.com/worrydream/status/1385390359107178496?s=19