Video Hypnagogia/Phantasmagoria

Inspired by my time at Reduct and Rob Ochshorn's work.

From Glue discord:

I wonder if there is a glue-y video navigation concept. not oral navigable timelines, and not tiktok/clips

Deleuze did a lot of cinema work

it would be sorta a hallucinatory recursive network of scene-bubbles dangling off each other like kinopio

4chan threads, images-only but more cyclical

and then you can extract a range by scrubbing on the little bubble


Long press, type a keyword. Mobile friendly - make it in flutter

Internet archive made a video remixing app that one time

VJing but with content

Lots of VJing is just with signals. What about with actual content and associative metaphor.

  • educational films, and Prelinger archives

Inspired by conversation with Jonathan Skjøtt