System Archaeology Seminar

Old authoring systems have a more holistic/comfy feel because they were the system, not the app.

Comparative archaeology. What's easier or harder to do? What's the texture?

Let's explore these systems together. Let's make things in them. Let's talk about how they feel to use, and how they make you feel.

These are usually not text based. If they are, they have some sort of deep runtime that can be examined live.

What to make?


Most of these, I later discovered, are a mere subset of Jonathan Edwards' formidable Gallery of programmer interfaces (pdf)

  • JUNO-2
  • Brad retrospective systems



Would it be on

ARTWare: A Component Library for Building Domain-Oriented Authoring Environments

From Yoshiki Schmitz. Sources unknown right now.

Recapitulating computing

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