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Quick Capture Is Under-Explored

I have a tricorder in my pocket. When an idea pops in my head, or I spot something in the wild I want to remember, what can I do?

I can:

  • Take a photo/video

  • Take a voice memo (or use an app I'm working on...)

  • Google it/put it into my tabs

  • Write a temporal reminder/calendar event

  • Write a note (maybe append to an existing one if I can find it quickly)

But I can't practically do anything more. If I want to annotate something, or link it with prior media, what can I do?

Scrapbooking is impossible in the age of camera rolls. I don't want to type anything either and interrupt my flow.

Is this what machine learning is for? Smart capture?

Facebook had the "Moments" app and I think Google Area 120 had a few one-off apps with this "alternate camera roll" energy.

I want Google Lens/Live Text but with the context of my prior captures. Need more connective tissue.

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Also an opportunity to rethink the filesystem/file retrieval (h/t James)

Notational Velocity got a lot of things right here

Page last modified: 11/2/2021.