Text is a design tool

  • On the computer, text is more ergonomic to write than pictures.

  • Layouts, pages, and layering are hard

  • Roam as design tool

The MUSE was, I think, a premonition of Minecraft, with the same sense of open-ended possibility that speaks so powerfully to 14-year-olds today. There was nothing you could imagine that you couldn’t build. ‘A long hall, illuminated by rows of bright torches, with a great throne at one end’ – simple as that. When you bracketed those words with a few simple commands – to create the room, specify its description, link it to other rooms – you had your hall. It was just text, but everything was just text. It was intoxicating. … Back in 1994, MicroMUSE’s core argument was: language is all you need. If you can write, it can be real.


Literary Machines