AR Paper

No, not Dynamicland. But a lightweight handheld version of Sitterwerk Library

The Sitterwerk library in St.Gallen follows a serendipity principle. Every book has an RFID chip, so you can place books everywhere on the shelves - the electronic catalogue will update the location of the book accordingly. The visitors are encouraged to build their own collection, placing books that they used for their research together, thus enabling the next reader to find something relevant by chance, something they didn’t know they were looking for.

The Sitterwerk also has a Werkbank (literally work bench). There you can save the state of your research digitally. The bench reads RFID tags in the books and place the book covers on the digital representation of the table. A camera and a note taking function allow the user to add specific pages and notes to the collection. The resulting collection can then be printed and taken home or added back to the library.

(from Open tabs are cognitive spaces · Michail Rybakov)

How bout that but for stuff I print out. With QR codes and a stamp? Thermal sticker printer for fiducials? Idk.

Es Devlin does something similar in her mind in the process piece here.

Printed Matter's "Tables" (gif by Toph Tucker/Laurel Schwulst)