IDE/Photoshop/DAW for X

On Enabling Environments:

Encoding domain knowledge into a photoshop/IDE-like interface (a la Domain-Learning with Computational Microworlds, Figma for Science, DSP Notebook, Linear Algebra as Spreadsheet)

... there are some very deep ideas about image manipulation, which had been built directly into Photoshop. By contrast, there’s not really very many deep ideas about writing built into Microsoft Word.

One theory I have: a design process for these is a combo of Becoming a Resident Toolbuilder and How do you create an interaction semantics?.

For more of a traditional textual IDE experience, you could make a Domain-Learning with Computational Microworlds

Scientific Animation Authoring

The player is basically building a giant mesh of in-game APIs (“plug in here to get steel bars, plug in there to get green circuits”), getting those APIs to 100% reliability, and then building something on top of them and getting that to perfect reliability, all while managing scarce resources and dealing with random failures.2

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