Organic Chemistry if it was Fun


I don't know much about organic chemistry, but I should. I wish I didn't have to have taken Organic Chemistry in college to appreciate its vastness and beauty (like linear algebra, it has a disempowering syllabus divorced from its context - Linear Algebra as Spreadsheet). A Mathematician's Lament type problem (cf

Surely there's a need for an environment for, say, drawing skeletal diagrams, but more dynamic and authorial (IDE/Photoshop/DAW for X). Where you can combine elements from a palette until you recapitulate ideas like those NileRed conveys so elegantly in his absurd transmutation videos?

Synthesis pathways unfolding before you, etc

I was hopeful that Crash Course's OChem course would have enough eye-catching motion graphics to keep me awake, but alas, at many points it felt like a powerpoint with the same flaws in the medium as any other video.

Potential benchmark: OChem problem sets, can you do them in one IDE environment? Where the essence of the reasoning is laid bare, and the annoying mechanical bits are abstracted out?

These process diagrams seem important


extreme version:


Help me understand the Citric Acid Cycle!

Biochemistry… in 3d!

Symmetry groups!

She explains by playing with a toy

Hexagon Research

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